coffe = lov part 2 


i walk in2 the room. dere were boi wif caramel locks nd brown orbs and stupid glasses and an tall monkey man. dey look annoying.
“da faq r u” i say 2 the boys
“ we r mieky nd ray toto” de 4 eyed boy say. monkey man say nothing
“whatever” i say. i doughnut need negativty like dat.
“i am frank leto” i say once again. den i gave them the figner. dey r try ing to steal my new bf. i cen see it in dere eyes.
“ H allo babe” me new gf geral fd set 2 me sexy like. i giggle like a schol gurl.
“hehehehehehehehehe “
“so frak u wana b in r band?? nd do the gtar ?” he asked .
“Y s!!” i squeeled in dlight. we r going 2 have so much fun 2gether.

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This is the original of this repost.


This is the original of this repost.

Anonymous said: ur fic maed mi hart burn

sta y tuned 4 part 2 comin soon

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hs au frerard fic

i was walkin down the halway when suddenly, frANK IERO pushed me down

frank was always  so meAn to ME!! it made my hart hurt.. no1 could no my TRU feelins. i crid n he laughed at  me n  i crid harder 

"pls frnk s top i love u" i gasped i could ont believe i just told him teh truth

frank loked shokcd “i love u too gerd” i smiled and we made out. 

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coffe = luv part 1


I was walking down the street in my balck skiny jeens nd convsers when i stoeked a finger in my long blak hair. I had coffee in my hand when suddenly, someone bumped in2 me!!!
“wtf stngr wut r u doing u got coffee all ovr me” i said
“ok” the strnger said
W T F it was gerard way!!
“ily” he say
“i lov u 2 “ i say as i kiss him despaerlty. bitting his uper lip ask ing 4 entrace.
“cum liv wif me nd my band “ he say
“okie doke “ i say 2 my new bf

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